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About the Products

When do the products expire?

Our products have a recommended consumption date of twelve months once the product has been opened, you will see the PAO symbol of the product indicated on the label with a graphic in the form of an open cosmetic jar on which a number of months is printed, in our case it is normally 12M.

Are the products suitable for vegans?

Yes, Ecoderma products have not been tested on animals, and also do not contain any ingredient of animal origin. Ecoderma cosmetics are ideal to complement a vegan lifestyle. The ingredients that we use in the formulation of most of our products come from plants, algae, fruits, nuts or cereals.

Are the products suitable for children?

As a rule, we do not recommend their application in children under 3 years old, since the skin of babies is more fragile and easily irritated, so softer components should be used as specified by European legislation.

I have atopic skin, do you recommend your products?

Lookdoré products have not been specifically formulated for atopic skin. However, we can give you some recommendations that we believe could be useful for you according to the properties of each ingredient and your needs. Each case of dermatitis is unique and specific, so we always recommend that you consult with your dermatologist before changing your routine.

Is it suitable for men?

Of course! Our products are unisex. There are no problems with a man applying any of our products that adapt to the needs of his skin.

I have an allergy and I don't know if I can use cosmetics

If you are diagnosed with an allergy, we recommend that you consult the INCI of each product to check the ingredients they contain. In each product page of our website, we have put the full ingredients list, so it is easy to check.

About Ecoderma

What is Ecoderma?

Ecoderma is a Spanish natural brand developed by the Magasalfa cosmetic laboratories. Our mission is to offer innovative and exciting products for today’s consumer, in an accessible way and safely aligned with new trends.

How do you manufacture your products?

Technological innovation and R&D of active ingredients are crucial for our developments and allow us to create new products with high added value. The creation process begins at our research and development center in Barcelona, ​​always trying to find the latest trends in cosmetics thanks to the luxury of being in daily contact with our consumers.

We like to have everything under control, and that is why the production process of each product is carried out in our own facilities following a rigorous quality procedure. Framed within the European Union, Ecoderma also complies scrupulously with the regulation put into effect as of March 11, 2013, which prohibits animal testing or the introduction on the market of cosmetic products that contain ingredients or combinations of ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Sale of products

Do you sell your products in physical stores?

Currently you can find our products in Perfumerías Druni and Marvimundo.

How can I sell your products?

If you want to recommend our products to your customers, write to us through the form on the following contact page or to our email info@ecoderma.es. Include the name of the store, location, type of store and why you would like to have Lookdoré products in it.

We will assist you as soon as possible and with a personalized solution.


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